Umami effect is widely appreciated and across the world and has essential place in several part of the world. This desired has been satisfied using MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate), Shandi provides natural replacement of

Advantage of using our “Glutamate replacer” Flavour enhancers includes but not limited to.

  • Clean label to meet global regulatory requirements.
  • Cost effective compared to Glutamate.
  • Practice responsible business by putting consumer health as first priority.


To meet the future regulatory requirements and practice responsible business, Shandi has undertaken extensive research to develop Natural replacement of HVP’s and HPP’s which has been seen as Natural replacement of Glutamate. We supply natural Umami flavors derived purely from Nature to deliver  Health and taste” together.

Advantage of using our “HVP replacer” Flavour enhancers includes but not limited to.

  • Meet future regulatory requirements
  • Available in Liquid and Powder form
  • Available in Water soluble and Oil soluble versions.
  • All conventional version available like Chicken, Soya, Mutton and Beef (*In certain countries)
  • Lighter Version for 1 to 1 replacement and concentrated version upto ten to one replacement.


Lingering taste of a meal, snack or beverage is something which remains in consumer’s brain and makes them crave for the same experience. Our mouthfeel flavor library is a result of experience our taste explorers could not forget and kept remembering “That taste”. While exploring new flavours we work with the local people at our destination to hear their unforgettable memories about food which makes them release their saliva.


Shandi Masking solutions are beyond just masking your product, we revitalize it. While processing a food product it’s inevitable to compromise some of the delighting elements of taste which might make a great food product unacceptable to consumers. Shandi team recreate all such scenarios to identify cause for addition of unwanted nots or deletion of some wanted not’s and develop customizes solution to mask and revitalize the product. While suggesting our Masking and Revitalizing products we ensure that it does not leave its own marks.