Aditya Sharma

Founder, CEO

Enthusiastic Engineering Graduate with Entrepreneur sprit. Founder of Shandi Associates Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture and supply Environment friendly packaging solutions to retail industry.

An Experienced Influencer, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Masters in Computer Application and Masters in Clinical Research with 13 years Experience in  Leadership  roles with renowned Biotechnology Innovations and commercialization. Her mission is to use science for good.

Dr. Reena Sharma

Co Founder, CSO

Rahul Sharma PhD

Co-founder, Business Development Consultant, North America

Rahul has served as Head of Molecular Biology at the NHDP, US Public Health Services. He has published >30 papers and filed 3 patents ( 2 pending). He is co-founder of RetroBioTech, a leading consulting firm in the space of Diagnostics,nutraceuticals, Food Science and He is leading the Shandi’s business development in North America.