Agriculture Research: Shandi owns and maintains farms to continues to develop organic herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetable seeds to ensure a sustainable source of natural ingredients.

Ingredient Research: Shandi has invested in state of the art research laboratory Installed with modern analytical, Bioprocessing and pilot equipment.

Application Development: Shandi has state of the art Industrial Kitchen and pilot plant to apply ingredients on end application to support our customer from ingredient selection to consumer trial.   

Manufacturing:  Shandi has state of the art manufacturing facility near the beautiful city of Jaipur which having Spices Processing, Spray Drying, Bio-Reaction, Vacuum Drying Extraction, Distillation, Chromatographic separation, Liquid Blending, and Powder blending.

Sourcing: Shandi has a strong network of Contract Farmers, Collectors and dealers to ensure uninterrupted supply of Ingredients.

Technical Sales: Our sales team members are qualified technologists to understand your need, plan for development application and provide post-sales support to ensure the success of your product.