Shandi Flavours are Developed to bring Indulgence while assuring health by......


Shandi Ingredients Brings over a century years of growing and processing.......


Shandi Ingredients are developed with intensive science and technology......

Healthy Indulgence

Consistently, brings innovative Ingredients grown with over a century of farming experience, enhanced with passion for science and produced with a culture of purity and hygiene to delight our customer with new experience of food manufacturing.



Our Capabilities

Agriculture Research: Shandi owns and maintains farms to continues to develop organic herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetable seeds to ensure a sustainable source of natural ingredients.

Ingredient Research: Shandi has invested in state of the art research laboratory Installed with modern analytical, Bioprocessing and pilot equipment.


Latest Development

Honey Powder

Honey Powder by Shandi

Our Latest development Honey Powder will come soon.

Milk Powder

Milk Powder by Shandi

Our Latest development Milk Powder is available.

Camel Milk Powder

Camel Milk Powder by Shandi

Our Latest development Camel Milk Powder is available.

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